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April 29, 2015:

And we've hatched!

Not Baby #3, of course. I'm writing about Hatch Prints, my Etsy shop. The idea of Hatch Prints had been brewing in my mind for a while since I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for when perusing wall art on Etsy or Pinterest. Of course, I found many things that I love. There were loads and loads of beautiful Scripture passages and  listing after listing of clever sayings and quotes. Nevertheless, quotes from people I admired that were of the same modern and delicate style that I preferred were few and far between.  

And so at 4am on a night in December when me staying at home while living on a paltry student stipend and four different methods of income between the two of us looked impossible, I felt a cliche, but nevertheless true, moment of clarity. The fire was lit, and the confidence to start a shop full of artwork and truth was mine. 

Why the name Hatch Prints? Here is a tidbit from the shop's about page

"The name Hatch Prints hatched as a perfect way to put all my eggs of inspiration into one basket. First, the word "hatch" pays homage to resurrection and new life, two principles that are dear to me and capture a little bit of what I want this to become. Second, the character of Mary Hatch Bailey from Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life has continuously stood in my mind as a spouse and woman like whom I aspire to be. She could turn a drafty run-down house into a home full of life and love and never cease in finding a way to support George Bailey. I see this shop as a creative opportunity to be the Mary Hatch for my family and to you: the wife who unceasingly believes, the mother who can patiently spell out h-a-l-l-e-l-u-j-a-h, and the friend who brings your home the blessings of bread, wine and salt in the form of hand lettering and art. "

In that early morning "moment of clarity" I knew my inspiration was Mary Bailey. Bailey Paper Company was going to be my shop. The next second it was going to be Bailey Paper and More; but then I realized I didn't want my shop to be a complete copycat of Bailey Building and Loan. After months of playing around with names containing key items from the movie and plenty of patient soundboard-ing from Chris and my best friend, I landed on Hatch Prints. It feels right. 

And it felt so right to be up again last night in the wee hours of the morn prepping the listings and offering prayers up of early thanksgiving  that I will be the happiest if I sell just one print. I told Chris, who is about to have finals, that I feel like this is the best late-night-before-a-final I've ever studied for in my life. I didn't even need coffee! Grand openings come made with a caffeine of their own.

Thank you for all of the encouragement and prayers that you have been so kind to give me as I've been laboring through the set up of the shop. Here's to day one!

Katrina Harrington

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