Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you create and paint each individual piece?
    • Yes! And no. Each piece originally comes from my paintbrush, but then I scan and digitize my paintings and have them printed by print shops I trust so I can offer them in the shop in an efficient and affordable manner. 
    • What kind of paper is used for the prints? Is it copy paper?
      • Definitely not copy paper. I am very particular about the type of paper I use for the pieces that will hang in your home. Prints from the Hand Lettering line are on 100lb linen cardstock for a luxurious, high quality product and feel. Prints in the Botanical Rosary Art section of Rose Harrington are only printed on high-quality, archival grade, acid-free, 100% cotton rag, 21 mil, 340gsm inkjet paper with a bright white, textured surface. This paper matches Rose Harrington's commitment to deliver the best possible product.
    • Are your products made in the USA? 
      • Yes. We are happy to only support print shops and ceramic factories located in the USA. This choice does increase production time and prices and thus retail prices, but I feel strongly about supporting businesses that compensate and treat their workers ethically.
      • Are the mugs microwave and dishwasher safe?
        • I'm pleased to report that they are! The decals that help create the mugs are burned on at extremely high temperatures to make the final mugs both microwave and dishwasher safe.
      • Why don't you keep mugs in stock all the time?
        • I would love to keep them in stock year round! However, this is a small business, and mugs made in the USA are a huge investment of production time, space, money and shipping time. I normally relist mugs four to six times a year. If you would like to stay in the know about release times, sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page or follow the shop on Instagram @roseharringtonart.
      • Do you offer custom work? 
        • Occasionally! Custom work is a large time commitment. Some parts of the year I have neither the time custom work deserves nor the time my family deserves at this stage, and normally it is my family that gets the short end of the stick. However, you might catch me at a good time so you can fill out the custom request here.
      • I run a brick and mortar shop and would like to sell your products in my store. Do you offer wholesale?
        • Yes! Please email roseharringtonart@gmail.com or send a message here for wholesale rates. I look forward to working with you!


        • Where is my package?
          • If you have any shipping concerns, please email us at hello@roseharrington.com with your order number, and I will do my best to see what is happening. Please note that once the package is in the hands of USPS, I have the same amount of information available to me that is available to the customer. Find more information about shipping here in the shop policies.
          • During the holiday season, please allow two weeks for processing in addition to shipping time. 
        • Do you ship internationally?
          • Yes, it is a joy seeing other countries pop up in the order list, and I love knowing that pieces of Rose Harrington can be found around the world. Find more information about shipping here in the shop policies.
        • Do you ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail? 
          • Yes, I offer both USPS First Class Parcel (for packages under one pound) as well as USPS Priority Mail. At the checkout, both options will appear if eligible. Please remember that purchasing Priority Mail only affects the shipping time and not the processing time for your purchase. Find more information about shipping here in the shop policies.


        • How did you learn to paint? 
          • Practice! I've always been drawn to painting since I was a little four year old painting in the kitchen with my mom using a children's paint kit and watching Bob Ross. My interest continued throughout grade school and middle school: art camp one summer, 4-H art projects for the fair a few summers, and countless failed attempts at painting. I was never the best, but I loved it. My mom bought me an extensive art kit for $8 at an garage sale toward the end of high school, and it accompanied me to college during which my roommates tolerated my simple offerings of painted decor.  Post-graduation, post-marriage and post-children, I discovered the multitude of YouTube painting videos available, and they have been the perfect pausable tutors for a mom of young children with limited and often interrupted free time. 
        • Do you sell your originals?
          • I will sell originals for the first time starting at the end of 2017. Follow along at @roseharringtonart on Instagram and subscribe to the newsletter to here more details when the time comes. 


        • Is your name Katrina or Rose?
          • Both! My full name is Katrina Rose Harrington. I do go by Katrina, but I won't be offended in any way if you email me addressing me as Rose; I knew it would be confusing when I chose to name my art shop Rose Harrington.
        • How do you manage to create art with children around? 
          • When I began painting as a mother, strokes of my brush would touch paper in the nooks and crannies of the day and often while my babies grew in my belly or sat on my knee or climbed up my back. Leaves, backgrounds and stems were all parts of pieces that I could paint while bouncing a toddler. I'll make it clear! It was not and is not always a perfect display of patience on my part. I find watercolor very forgiving for a creative parent forced to be creative with time. My best gift is my selfless husband who carved out time for uninterrupted painting no matter how busy he was during graduate school and continues to do so while I work on the shop full-time. I couldn't ask for a better spouse, and if you know him, you know. 
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