Hello! I'm Katrina Harrington, and it brings me great happiness to welcome you to Rose Harrington. This shop began as Hatch Prints, a hand lettering and art shop I dreamed up in the wee hours of one desperate, but not desolate, December morning in 2014 while my husband was studying for his theology grad school finals, our two sons dozed in their room and our first daughter grew in my belly.

It was my hope that Hatch Prints would be able to fill a void that I've found to exist in the wall art world. I had long pined over gorgeous hand lettered prints of both Scripture and clever turns of phrase, but when I searched for quotes from holy people I admire that were modern and delicate, the results would come up empty. No one could be more surprised than I that the shop I, as a self taught painter, began as a way to both offer beauty to the world and to cover my student loans each month would grow to support my family. It is difficult for me to describe how thankful I am, but if you've been there, I know you understand. 

In 2017, I began researching historical flower theology and Mary Gardens while pregnant with our fourth baby.  All of the rich yet lost tradition astounded me, and I marvelled in the new knowledge would allow me to walk through nature seeing God as not only the wondrous Creator, but also as the sacrificial Son (for example, yarrow is called Christ's Bloody Back) and guiding Holy Spirit (columbines are called the Dove of the Holy Spirit, peonies are called the Pentecostal Rose). Moreover, with a multitude of flowers with old names honoring the Blessed Mother (daffodils were known as Mary's Star, morning glories as Our Lady's Mantle, an iris is called called Mary's Sword of Sorrow), I am called to remember how Mary loved her Son, and how she shows me how to better love Him and thus, others. I felt compelled to bring this extra layer of meaning to my art. 

Now, Hatch Prints has become Rose Harrington, a home to botanical rosary art inspired by the tradition of Mary Gardens as well as paper and ceramic hand lettered goods, all made in the USA. 

Each piece sold in the shop is hand lettered or painted by me, often with a child on my lap or my back. I then digitize the lettering and artwork and have the pieces printed at high quality print shops in Indiana and California or produced by ceramic companies in Ohio and West Virginia. 

Be sure to follow along on Instagram at @roseharringtonart!

Thanks for stopping by.

Wonderfully and gratefully,


Behind the names, Hatch Prints and Rose Harrington


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