Behind the name, Hatch Prints:

The name Hatch Prints hatched as a perfect way to put all my eggs of inspiration into one basket. First, the word "hatch" pays homage to resurrection and new life, two principles that are dear to me and capture a little bit of what I want this to become. Second, the character of Mary Hatch Bailey from Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life has continuously stood in my mind as a spouse and woman like whom I aspire to be. She could turn a drafty run-down house into a home full of life and love and never cease in finding a way to support George Bailey. I see this shop as a creative opportunity to be the Mary Hatch for my family and to you: the wife who unceasingly believes, the mother who can patiently spell out h-a-l-l-e-l-u-j-a-h, and the friend who brings your home the blessings of bread, wine and salt in the form of hand lettering and art. 

Behind the name, Rose Harrington:

Here are all the little meanings behind Rose Harrington. First of all, my middle name is Rose. The name Harrington, our family name, reminds me how and why I started this business: to offer help to my family: Chris, Ryan, Conor, Elise, Baby and all we haven't met yet and may never meet. They are my first vocations, and what a messy privilege full of love it is to serve them. In addition, this shop dedicated to the Mystical Rose, Our Lady, the rose in which the Divine Word became flesh, and the Feast of the Mystical Rose, July 13th,is the birthday of the shop as Rose Harrington.  Rose also calls upon the Resurrection and the new life we received from Christ's victory when he rose. Don't think that I could completely stray from using the family from It's a Wonderful Life as inspiration! In the movie, Zuzu's petals come from a rose. And that's that!

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