Liturgy of the Flowers - August 2022

Welcome to my new series - Liturgy of the Flowers! Leading up to each new month, I will share some flowers that match well with the coming feast days. My hope is that with this fun information, you will be reminded of the presence of God even more throughout the month. 

Knowing the old religious names of flowers can be a useful prayer aid. If you are walking by your neighbor's yard when you see they have a row of hostas, you can remember that there religious name traditionally was Assumption Lily, and your mind can shift to thinking of Jesus assuming his Blessed Mother into his full embrace in heaven at the Assumption - all while on a neighborhood walk. Now, this is not something to be scrupulous and a stickler over - if any flower brings your mind to the Lord, thanks be to God! After all, "Prayer is the raising of one's mind and heart to God," as stated by St. John Damascene (De Fide Orth. 3, 24).

Below are the flowers for some prominent feast days in August as well as flowers with a similar appearance in order to increase your chances of spotting any blooms and turning your mind to God. 

August 6 - The Transfiguration

GOLDENROD, religious name: Heavenly Radiance
  • similar flowers: mimosa, yellow statice, ragweed

August 15 - The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

HOSTA LILY, religious name: Assumption Lily

  • similar flowers: white wax bells, Soloman's seal, Solomon's plume, 

    August 22: The Queenship of Mary

    CORNFLOWER, religious name: Mary’s Crown
    • similar flowers: aster, chicory

    MARIGOLD, religious name: Mary's Gold

    • similar flowers: Coreopsis, blanket flower, Tagetes

    SUNFLOWER, religious name: Mary's Gold

    • similar flowers: Heleopsis, black-eyed susan

    August 29: The Passion of Saint John the Baptist

    Coriander, religious name: St. John’s Head
    • similar flowers: wild carrot, Angelica
    Katrina Harrington

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