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This is the original 4x6in painting "Floral Rejoicing," done in watercolor and acrylic by Katrina Rose Harrington. 

This painting is inspired by legends of the flora of the Sacred Nativity. When the Star of Bethlehem had brought the shepherds and wise men to worship Baby Jesus, it joyfully burst and these tiny flowers fell from the heavens. To add even more meaning to the to the Floral Rejoicing painting, I added two flowers amongst the Holy Family that show Christ's humanity and divinity. The white and green leaved spotted dead nettle was called Virgin Mary's Milk Drops and points to the nursing Infant Jesus' true humanity while the luminous Our Lady's Bedstraw symbolizes his true divinity as legend speaks of it blooming golden blossoms as he was laid upon it. 

Original paintings are signed and then sealed with a UV archival finish to protect it and prevent any fading or damage from UV light. Originals are sold unframed to allow the patron to choose matting and framing to their taste. 


    Your painting is packaged in a sturdy cardboard mailer or tube to ensure it is delivered safely to your door. Frames and props are not included in your purchase. 

    This paper and canvas matches Rose Harrington's commitment to deliver the best possible product. 



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    Customer Reviews

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