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This is the original 9x12in painting "Mary's Milk Thistle," done in watercolor by Katrina Rose Harrington. 

An watercolor painting of thistle (Silybum carduus marianum), also known as Mary's Milk Thistle, from the medieval legend that when the Blessed Mother was nursing Baby Jesus, some of her breastmilk fell upon it's leaves leaving white spots. 

In Flora of the Sacred Nativity, Dowling calls to mind multiple mysteries in his description of thistles, “… There was one, however, which to the early botanists was especially popular as Lac Beatae Mariae, and which in every land is similarly connected, viz. our Milk Thistle, Virgin Mary’s Milk Thistle, or the Blessed Thistle (Silybum carduus marianus); it is so strikingly handsome that it has won a place in more borders where fine-foliaged plants are to be seen. Its broad leaves are cut with infinite variety, and their deep and glistening green is covered with a white marbling and veining telling how it gained the honour of its dedication. From Sweden to Italy, in every country of Europe where it is found, it is allied with the Mother of God; and in 1370 Louis, Duke of Bourbon, instituted an order of knighthood of which this was the badge, and entitled it ‘Our Lady of the Thistle.’ Like Mary at Bethlehem and Nazareth, so the Milk Thistle with most others of its kind dwells in rough and bare places; its bright purple thrums rising from the thistle-head at the season that recalls her visitation to St. Elizabeth, and bringing the ripe woolly seeds of its down in August as it to make the pillow for her tomb.” — p. 157

Our Lady of La Leche, pray for us!

Original paintings are signed and then sealed with a UV archival finish to protect it and prevent any fading or damage from UV light. Originals are sold unframed to allow the patron to choose matting and framing to their taste. 


    Your painting is packaged in a sturdy cardboard mailer or tube to ensure it is delivered safely to your door. Frames and props are not included in your purchase. 

    This paper and canvas matches Rose Harrington's commitment to deliver the best possible product. 



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