Here is a piece that came from a mini, two hour retreat my husband and I got to attend in July of 2019. The retreat was given by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, and they truly gave us a beautiful way to enter into prayer with Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Father John Anthony Boughton spoke on the power of the rosary and preached the following (this is taken from my notes so might not be verbatim), 

“The point of the rosary is not to be a parrot or a mantra, each word of the Hail Mary is powerful. In the Rosary, Our Lady is pointing us to look at the snapshots of Jesus‘s life through the lens of Our Lady."

"Focus on Jesus, and let Him focus on us. Jesus wants to catch your eye and communicate to you. He wants you to dilate your soul. When we dilate our souls and meditate upon a mystery such as the crucifixion, he is trying to catch your eye on the cross, saying, 'I’m doing this for you. I love you.'"

"In his divinity, He didn’t dive into his Incarnation for all talk, he did it for each of you. In his divinity, He travels through centuries to catch our eye today.”

In order to depict this florally, I chose three flowers with specific historical religious names. The red poppies are called Christ's blood and represent the blood Jesus shed on the cross during his Passion. The yellow flowers are inula and have the religious name of Christ's Eye. They remind us of Christ trying to catch your eye now, at this moment, his love traveling through time for YOU. Finally, the blue larkspur, Mary's Tears, show us Christ's Passion through the glossy and sorrowful lens of her tears. 

Scientific name: Inula oculus christi (one of those cool times when the scientific name came from the religious name)
Religious name: Christ's Eye

Scientific name: Papaver orientale
Religious name: Christ's Blood

Scientific name: Delphinium ajacis
Religious name: Mary's Tears 

10% of proceeds from this piece will be donated to the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal who truly walk like Jesus physically serving the poor in New York, New Jersey, California, the UK, Ireland, Honduras and Nicaragua and the serving spiritually through their beautiful and efficacious online ministries. 

After I paint or hand letter the art, I digitize them and have them printed on the following substrates:

  • 100 lb white linen paper for an elegant and high quality finish.
  • high-quality, archival grade, acid-free, 100% cotton rag, 21 mil, 340gsm cold press watercolor paper with a bright white, textured surface.
  • 230 gsm neutral-white, archival matte paper.
  • Stretched canvas on .75in pine wood stretchers is available for pieces size 8x11in and up. The canvas used is thick archival grade, poly-cotton blend canvas to provide greater durability, and the canvas is pH neutral and acid free so it will not yellow over time

Your print is packaged in a sturdy cardboard mailer or tube to ensure it is delivered safely to your door. Frames and props are not included in your purchase. 

This paper and canvas matches Rose Harrington's commitment to deliver the best possible product. 

All products at Rose Harrington are made in the USA. These are printed to order so processing is up to two weeks in addition to shipping time.


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