An acrylic painting of Spotted Comfrey, Bethlehem sage, or lungwort (Pulmonaria saccharata), also known as Mary's Milk Drops, from the medieval legend that when the Blessed Mother was nursing Baby Jesus, some of her breastmilk fell upon it's leaves leaving white spots. 

" … These two stories connected with the plant show how the old traditional lore lives on still, in spite of the indifference of most persons to its poetic charm, and both taken together make up the pleasant tale that once was told by many a mother to her child as she pointed to the leaves and flowers of the Spotted Comfrey. Let us conclude by retelling it again in a less fragmentary manner. It was at Bethlehem or on the way to Jerusalem  upon the first Candlemas Day, that the Holy Mother was resting by the roadside to give the nourishment of her breast to her Divine Child, and new by her grew a clump of the Comfrey. As she gazed down upon the wondrous Infant she clasped at her bosom, and reflected upon the humility of her God in condescending to be so weak and helpless, the tears rose to her fair eyes, and the more she gazed and thought, the more she wept. We still say that the sympathy of flowers is felt in joy or sorrow, and in this instance, the secret instinct of Nature was so moved that just as the flowers of the plant at her feet had become heaven’s own blue in reflection of the Holy Mother’s eyes, so they varied their hues and the young buds flushed pink as her eyelids grew red with weeping. When she moved her Baby from her breast some drops of milk fell upon the Comfrey’s sage like leaves, marking their verdure with their stain, and ever since this humble herb has borne upon it these bleached spots, telling to earnest eyes what it witnessed in the far-off Holy Land, and coming yearly at the season of the Holy Infancy with variegated foliage and changing buds to record its story,” p. 161, Flora of the Sacred Nativity, Alfred E. P. Raymund Dowling. 

Our Lady of La Leche, pray for us!

  • The watercolor prints is printed on high-quality, archival grade, acid-free, 100% cotton rag, 21 mil, 340gsm inkjet paper with a bright white, textured surface.
  • 24x36in (poster size) is printed on neutral-white, archival matte paper (230 gsm).
  • Stretched canvas on .75in pine wood stretchers is available for pieces size 8x10in and up. The canvas used is thick archival grade, poly-cotton blend canvas to provide greater durability, and the canvas is pH neutral and acid free so it will not yellow over time

Your print is packaged in a sturdy cardboard mailer to ensure it is delivered safely to your door. Frames and props are not included in your purchase.

All products at Rose Harrington are made in the USA. These are printed to order so processing is 5 to 10 business days in addition to shipping time.

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Customer Reviews

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