Size: 8x8in - Cold Press Watercolor Paper

This is the original 8x8in painting "Flowers and Feasts III, March," done in watercolor by Katrina Rose Harrington. 

This painting contains flowers celebrating the March feast days when Palm Sunday and Good Friday fall within March:

  • St. Patrick
    • Trinity (Shamrock, Oxalis acetosella)
  • St. Joseph
    • St. Joseph’s Bells (Snowflake, Leucojum vernum)
    • St. Joseph’s Plant (Hyssop, Hyssopus orientalis)
    • St. Joseph’s Staff (Hollyhock, Althea rosea)
  • Palm Sunday
    • Palm (Palm tree, Chamaedorea)
  • The Passion of Our Lord 
    • Passion Flower (Passion Flower, Passiflora caerulea)

Original paintings are signed and then sealed with a UV archival finish to protect it and prevent any fading or damage from UV light. Originals are sold unframed to allow the patron to choose matting and framing to their taste. 


    Your painting is packaged in a sturdy cardboard mailer or tube to ensure it is delivered safely to your door. Frames and props are not included in your purchase. 

    This paper matches Rose Harrington's commitment to deliver the best possible product. 



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    Customer Reviews

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