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Maybe the morning hours are still dark, but you have groggily awaken from your children who have their enthusiasm turned to a deafening volume. Maybe you are up before dawn as you are anxiously getting ready for a long commute to work. Maybe you've blinked or you've been summoned in every direction, it's already the afternoon and you are reheating your coffee yet another time. Maybe you are staying up all night studying and feeling nervous for a test. Whatever it is, this mug can help remind you to point your sufferings, your ugh-I-don't-want-to's, your least favorite moments all the way up. 

This white mug with black lettering holds 14 ounces of your hot beverage and stands 4.5 inches tall. The lettering is burned on with care at the maker so these are dishwasher safe.

These mugs have hand lettering designed by me and then they are hand-made, hand-glazed and hand-decalled at a small pottery factory in Ohio. Each is hand dipped so are there are none that are exactly the same. You know small batch ice cream? Think of these as small batch mugs. Using a manufacturer in the US costs me over 4.5x the amount I would spend using imported mugs of the same size, but it's important to me to offer such a high quality product to you and to support a small business like mine. And all of that is a huge bonus on top of the joy it is to help people improve their prayer lives by reminding them to offer up their day.

The mug is package carefully, and then it is shipped using Priority Mail via USPS. Please allow 4-7 business days for processing in addition to the shipping time.

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Customer Reviews

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